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Marketing with Race by Zip

Many people don’t realize that even though the United States is known as a melting pot, it still remains highly segmented when it comes to races living in particular regions. You’ll find that for each zip code there is a predominant ethnicity living there. This can be used to our advantage by delivering highly customized racial content based on where your visitors or potential customers are located.

Take for example you know that most of your customers are African-American. Why not customize your website to have a picture of a black family as your hero shot? It will give them something they relate to, and make them feel like this site caters to them specifically. Take a look at how all of the models on the FUBU site are African American:


What if your customers are spread all over? Then you can segment your website based on where they are coming from and give them a custom experience. This is typically done by asking for a visitor’s zip code when they land on the site. With this information you can customize the rest of their visit with aspects just for them!

Here are some more examples. Did you know that:

  •  98.1% of the population of zip code 60620 (Chicago, IL) is black.
  • 71.6% of the inhabitants of zip 91755 (Monterey Park, CA) are asian.
  • 96.6% of the population of zipcode 87420 (Shiprock, NM) is native american.
  • 98.8% of the citizens in zip code 41164 (Olive Hill, Kentucky) are white.

Dale Earnhardt Jr NASCAR Unites Patriotic wallpaper 16x10

This can also work the other way – if you know that there is no majority of the population, don’t place anything that is very racial specific and instead embrace things which are common likes among all backgrounds.

The US Census provides racial data by zipcode for the most common ethnicities: white, black, native american, asian, and hawaiian. You can try extracting the data yourself (which has been known to cause headaches), at the US Census Website. Or you can download one of our previously compiled databases ready for install within minutes! See our 2010 Census Demographics Database by Zip

Would love to hear your experiences doing this! Leave them in the comments below.